CodornicesRQ demo - Video streaming using RaptorQ

This internally developed demo illustrates the various advantages of using RaptorQ for video streaming use cases.

IEEE - Best practices for mobile broadcast delivery and playback to multimedia content
(IEEE article details)

This paper describes techniques service providers may employ to address the growing demand for multimedia content delivered via broadcast and played back on mobile devices.

Liquid Cloud Storage - A RaptorQ Use Case

This paper describes a liquid system that provides durable object storage based on spreading redundantly generated data across a network of hundreds to thousands of potentially unreliable storage nodes. A liquid system uses a combination of RaptorQ, lazy repair, and a flow storage organization.

Polyraptor: embracing path and data redundancy in data centres for efficient data transport

This paper introduces Polyraptor, a novel data transport protocol that uses RaptorQ (RQ) codes and is tailored for one-to-many and many-to-one data transfer patterns, which are extremely common in modern data centres.

Fountain Codes

In the paper random linear fountain codes, LT codes, and raptor codes are reviewed. The computational costs of the best fountain codes are astonishingly small, scaling linearly with the file size.

Fountain-Coded Multicast in Tactical Packet Radio Networks: Throughput Improvements Provided by Relay Nodes

This paper describes a method for employing relay nodes to enhance the performance of fountain-coded multicast for the delivery of a file from the source to multiple destinations in a tactical multi-hop networks of half-duplex packet radios.


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