A standardized (IETF 6330, ATSC 3.0) fountain erasure code

RaptorQ in ATSC 3.0

This presentation gives a tutorial on RaptorQ and its application within ATSC 3.0 transport protocol for broadcast streaming and file delivery. 

Raptor Codes

This monograph describes the theory behind Raptor codes, and elucidates elements of the processes behind the design of two of the most prominent members of this class of codes: Raptor (IETF RFC 5053) and RaptorQ (IETF RFC 6330).

RFC 6330 RaptorQ Forward Error Correction Scheme for Object Delivery

This IETF document describes a fully-specified Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme for the RaptorQ FEC code and its application to reliable delivery of data objects. Qualcomm Inc. made a statement about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related to IETF RFC 6330. More information on that can be found here

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory - Raptor Codes 
(IEEE article details)

This article discusses the design and analysis of Raptor codes , which have linear time encoding and decoding, and close to optimal recovery properties. RaptorQ can be thought of as a an exemplary member of the more general class of Raptor codes. 



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