A high performance software implementation of RaptorQ


RaptorQ can generate an unlimited flow of data from an object, where any portion of the data equal in size to the object is sufficient to fully recover the object.

02 / FAST

CodornicesRq library for RaptorQ enables high performance linear time encoding and decoding — many Gbps encoding and decoding speeds on standard platforms for all object sizes.

03 / EASY

CodornicesRq is a high performance implementation of RaptorQ that is portable to all standard platforms with an easy to use C/C++ API.

How to use the CodornicesRq software package (API Document)

This document outlines the usage of CodornicesRq, a software library that implements the RaptorQ erasure code specified in IETF RFC 6330. It defines the API and also provides examples of how to use it. 

File encoder decoder tool example

This is an example source code file to demonstrate the usage of the CodornicesRq API for encoding and decoding an input file.  


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