Enhancements for Wireless Mesh Networks
Our team is working with Facebook to simulate, understand and enhance wireless mesh networks. The main goal of the effort is to build a high fidelity simulator for wireless mesh networks to understand the performance scaling of such networks and improve coverage, density, throughput. Potential enhancements include extending the reach and performance of wireless mesh networks i.e. to support more hops and/or provide superior internet connectivity, using technology which avoids deep changes to the network or wireless technology.

Funding being provided by Facebook Connectivity Lab.
Intelligent Channel Management for Wireless Mesh Networks

Our team is working with Facebook to build and evaluate a system wide network channel management tool for a wireless mesh network. The aim of the collaboration is to increase wireless capacity, decrease interference between devices (self and external), and provide more automated and intelligent network channel management and planning.

Funding being provided by Facebook Connectivity Lab

Delivering Real-Time Multimedia Streams using RaptorQ

This project focuses on reliable low-latency multicast delivery of multimedia streams using the RaptorQ codes specified in IETF RFC 6330.

A software prototype implementation of the ROUTE protocol utilizing RaptorQ will be developed and evaluated for this application.

Funding being provided by a Comcast Innovation Fund


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